Akrineous Games isn't really a team, but rather a collective. Just a group of people working on fun projects together. Different members help create different projects that become different MODs, games, and more. Most of the people who work on our stuff are all interested in the same cause, and they have all managed to contribute to the vast library of MODs and more. We strive for innovation and creation to deliver unique experiences to our fans. For more information about the individual members and their contributions, please check this page


Q: If you're a team, then who's GlitchedMastery?

GlitchedMastery is the owner; he controls all social media accounts, and solo (or duo) develops most of the projects. Think of him as the person who ties the team together and keeps everything running like clockwork

Q: I've found a bug or issue; how do I report it?

For MODs, if you go to the Curseforge page of any one of our projects, you will find an issue tracker there to submit your issue. If there is a problem with any of our games, please comment on Gamejolt or Itchio, or DM us there. Alternatively, you can message us on social media or fill out the form on this page

Q: What are your socials and how can I get in contact?

Socials can be found here. We accept Twitter DMs, Curseforge DMs, Issue Tracker Requests, Discord DMs, E-mails and Youtube comments as viable forms of contact.

Q: What platforms are your MODs available on?

Our MODs are available on three major platforms: CurseForge, PlanetMinecraft, and Modrinth, as well as this page on the website. Please be patient when a new project or version is released, as it takes time for a project to be released and updated on all platforms. 

Q: What platforms are your games available on?

Our games are available for free on Itchio and Gamejolt.

Q: When will X MOD be updated to the latest version?

More often than not, ports of this MOD will already be in the works for the latest version of Minecraft, it just takes time. Although some MODs may be discontinued and no longer be receiving updates.

Q: Will you backport X MOD?

The short answer is no, backports only happen in very rare cases and are only available for previously supported or discontinued versions, usually to fix major bugs.

Q: I have a feature request/MOD idea, how do I tell you about it?

Just shoot us a DM and we'll have a think, more often than not we will respond to community feedback and possibly implement/develop some ideas. Your feedback means a lot and can help our projects become even more awesome. Feature requests can also be submitted directly via the Curseforge issue tracker of an affiliated project.